We offer 3 options:



All viewers are given full details of the Application Process and what is required from them if they wish to apply to rent the property. 

The applicants are each given a form to complete which confirms their employment status and income,  rental history, etc

Depending on the information given and potential suitability as tenants for your property, we will contact you and give you the information received so that you are able to make an informed decision. Based on this information we ask for your agreement to reference the prospective tenants. (If the applicants subsequently pass all referencing we ask you not to change your mind but if circumstances prevail we request you personally refund the applicants any fees they have paid to secure the tenancy. If the applicants have not disclosed full and accurate information on their application and subsequently fail referencing - they forfeit their fees.

We use an independent reference company who will carry out a credit check and look into any rental history asking the managing agent or landlord if there have been arrears, the condition of the property and if they would rent to them again. They check income, bonuses, savings and employment contract dates and request a personal declaration on whether the employer considers the employee honest, reliable and trustworthy.

The reference company will also carry out a further check to ensure the applicant is who they say they are by cross referencing residency, BT telephone data, credit agents, court data, the electoral role and ensure there are no HM Treasury sanctions against them and finally that they actually have the Right to Rent in the UK and are not illegal immigrants.

If the reference company deems it necessary we will ask for a Guarantor and they too will be referenced for suitability.

When all referencing has been completed we will report to you.

Presuming everything is satisfactory we shall then discuss moving in dates and ensure all the legalities are in place.

An inventory with full pictures and report carried out by an external source is required to safeguard your investment. Prices are according to size and number of bedrooms in the property.

We will issue a comprehensive folder to the new tenants containing information prevalent to your particular property. Additionally we provide further useful information and legislative information as required should you need to issue a Section 21 notice in the future. A copy of the GSC (if applicable) EPC, AST and signed Inventory will be enclosed and a direct debit set up to ensure you receive your rent payments directly.

As the Landlord you will be issued with an identical folder to the one given to your Tenants.

We will register the deposit with the DPS who will hold it in their custodial scheme unless you have your own scheme for us to pay it into.




As above PLUS:

We  will monitor and collect the rent due each month
The rent will be paid to you ON THE DAY it is received!
We will pursue any late rents and liaise with your solicitor with full documentation should your tenants require eviction.
You will be issued with a detailed statement each month showing rent received and expenses paid.
If you reside abroad we will require a Letter of Exemption form the Inland Revenue confirming we do not need to deduct tax from your income.




As above PLUS:

The tenants are checked in at the property against the Inventory (so there can be no disputes later if damage occurred whilst moving in furniture)
Manage the transfer of utilities including Council tax (excluding TV licence or BT)
Carry out an informal visit / check at month 1
Official management visit / inspection at month 6 and a report sent to you.
24 hour emergency repair call out
Arrange routine maintenance or repairs and instruct approved contractors (where applicable / agreed)
Contact the tenants 2 month before the expiry of their tenancy with the intention of keeping them in a fixed term tenancy and reduce unexpected void periods
Liaise with both parties in case of damage disputes
Check out the tenant against the check in Inventory and report accordingly
Serve notices 
Review and renew  tenancies



Landlords are legally obliged to comply with current legislation and Health & Safety requirements.


1. If your property is mortgaged you need consent from the lender to rent the property. Likewise, if your property is leasehold you will need consent from the freeholder or the managing agent of the building. Check the lease for any restrictive covenants.


2. You will need buildings insurance. A landlord’s policy should cover third party liability, which ensures any damage the tenants may cause is covered. Standard Landlord insurance does not cover rent arrears.


3. Gas Safety Certificate provided annually (if a gas supply is present)


4. A current Energy Performance certificate. An EPC is valid for 10 years. (subject to certain conditions)


5. A fully functioning Smoke Alarm must be installed on each floor of the property.


6. A Carbon Monoxide alarm must be installed next to each gas appliance and in any room through which a flue runs. This includes wood burners and solid fuel boilers.


7. Appliances must have instruction manuals to appliances and the boiler.


8. Annual Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificates for any portable appliances supplied within the rental property.


9. ADVISORY – to have an electrical  fixed wiring test every 5 years


10. All furnishings including beds and sofas meet the Fire & Furnishing Regulation Act 1988 (as amended 1993) whereby all items must have valid safety labels attached.





1. Prepare the Property

Ensure it is clean, tidy and presentable. Make sure the windows, curtains and carpets are clean. If a property is well presented it is likely the tenant will look after it accordingly. Likewise a well presented property will achieve a better rent and likely to appeal to quality tenants.


Keep the decoration neutral. Consider the type of tenant you wish to attract and remember you are supplying somebody with a home. Would you be satisfied with the condition of the property and be prepared to live there?


Happy tenants are tenants who are more likely to stay. This is turn means they look after your investment, they make it their home and settle, they pay their rent and you don’t have to worry about void periods. It is a win win!


2. Book an Inventory

When a suitable tenant is found we recommend a full inventory is carried out. This is NOT just for furnished property!


An inventory is a vital document! For a reasonable cost of between £85 - £130 depending on the size of the property and number of bedrooms you can have a fully documented and photographed colour inventory produced which safeguards your property; your investment.


The inventory provider we use produces a comprehensive report detailing any marks or blemishes on the walls, ceilings, carpets, flooring, white work, door furniture and all other fixtures and fittings. With the Fully Managed service we check the tenants into the property with this inventory, go through it with them and then ask them to sign it. By carrying out this service before we release the keys ensures no allowance is made in error for any “moving in” damage, knocks or scrapes.


Cost of Inventories: Single room - £50,  1 bed flat - £85,  2/3 bed flat - £100,  1 bed house - £110,    2 bed house - £120,  3/4 bed house - £130 NO VAT.


3. Garden

If your property has a garden it may be advisable to leave the necessary but basic equipment necessary to keep it tidy and looked after. If you are concerned about the upkeep of the garden it may be advisable to employ a contractor to maintain it.



We offer the following services through third party contractors at an additional cost should you require them:


EPC -  £55 
Gas Safety Certificate  - £40 
Gas Boiler Service and Gas Safety Certificate - £60 

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