If this is the first time you have rented a property the entire process may seem daunting and if this is not your first time then be prepared to receive excellent service. We add a few extra touches that other agents don’t supply. 


Not everybody chooses to rent a property. We know bad things happen to good people, we know that sometimes the reason you are renting is due to a situation beyond your control but for others it is a life choice. There are many reasons people rent property and regardless of your story you will be treated with respect. 


We will do our very best to help you find a home suitable to your needs and wants. We believe that excellent landlords deserve excellent tenants and excellent tenants deserve excellent landlords.


When you first register with us looking for a rental home we will ask you certain questions to ensure your criteria meets that of our landlords.


Occasionally landlords have insurances which prevent them from renting to certain sectors of the public but this will be advertised on the details of each available property.


Should you view a property through us you will be given details on the Application Process and what is involved. Then if you wish to apply for the tenancy, each applicant will be required to complete a Personal Information Form and submit it before any monies are requested.


Some properties attract many applicants and it is our job to go through the Personal Information Forms and discuss each application with the landlord. By doing so they can make an informed decision. If further clarification is needed on any point we will contact you before a final decision is made. We don't just take the easy option.


Presuming your application is accepted we will ask you for the administration and reference fees. We will also require proof of address and your identification, ideally a current UK passport and driving licence. On receipt we shall commence referencing and suspend the property from marketing. We will never reference more than one application at a time for any single property.


We use an independent referencing company and ask you to notify your employer to expect a reference company to contact them. Obtaining an employers reference is usually the part of referencing which causes the most delays. We would hope within 48/72 hours we would have the referencing back but this really does depend on the speed of response from those being applied to.


When referencing is finalised we will call you and discuss your moving and check in date. You will be sent a further invoice for the deposit and one month’s rent in advance which has to be in cleared funds before your move in date.


The time and date will be entered into the diary. We do ask you are respectful of the time of the appointment because we will undoubtedly have other appointments to follow. You will be met at the property by the Inventory Clerk who go through the inventory with you and all the other paperwork. You will be given a copy of all documents in addition to other useful and legislative information in a ring binder.


If your landlord has opted for the Full Management Service we will arrange to meet you at the property one month into your tenancy. This visit is to ensure you have settled in and are content in your new home.


All initial tenancies are for a 6 month period. We will contact at the very end of month 3 and ask if you wish to renew your tenancy when it expires at 6 months. Presuming all is well and you wish to renew you will be asked the term you would like to sign up for and we will liaise with the landlord to agree the new term (if possible).


At month 6 you will have a formal inspection. This will either be a pre check before you move out when we will advise you on anything which may need attention or for you to sign your new agreement and for us to inspect the property for any maintenance issues which may have arisen.


If you have any further questions please feel free to call on 01323 818000 or email angela@angelamardenestateagents.co.uk

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