*1:1 Personal Service - from start to finish (yes, one point of contact!)

*No Tie in Period - just two weeks notice!

*Exclusivity of Service - limited amount of instructions taken at any one time!

*No VAT payable(for a limited period)



There is no right or wrong way to sell a property; it really depends on your preferences. The service a professional estate offers is often underestimated. To dumb it down many believe a value is given, the property placed on a property portal, viewings arranged, an offer made, a sale tied up and solicitors instructed – how difficult can it be?


The reality is usually very different.


When a potential buyer calls the estate agents office they will be asked various questions before any viewing is arranged. Part of this procedure is for security; to ensure the person walking into your home is genuine and looking to buy a property and to ascertain their ability to buy it if they make an offer.


Security is paramount and by carrying out the fundamentals of the job you and your home should be kept safe from complete strangers having complete access to your life!


The viewing is successful, an offer made and an agreed selling price is negotiated. An estate agent is best placed to negotiate the deal because they know the local market, how it is performing and what type of properties are in highest demand at any given time. Hence, you should achieve the best price for your home.


Your local agent lives and breathes the local market and from town to town there may be vast differences in price, availability and demand. Make sure your ‘local property expert’ is not simply using online tools to value your home and using statistics you too can access!


Solicitors are put in contact with each other but are you encouraged to use their in house or preferred legal teams? Ask yourself if they are cheaper for a reason, what is the financial benefit for the agent involved or are you penalised if you don’t use their recommendation?


Here are some frequent pitfalls:-


Your solicitor won’t answer your calls

Your ‘local property expert’ becomes a call centre

You were never advised not to give your own telephone number to the buyer and they are becoming a nuisance.

You didn’t know there was a chain involved

You don’t know how many people are involved in that chain all trying to move at the same time!


The chain was never checked all the way through and now somebody has pulled out.

You thought they didn’t need a mortgage but a surveyor wants access

The buyer wants to renegotiate the price and threatening to pull out.

You need to get your children into another school and you’re running out of time.

…and the list goes on but what do you do and who do you go to?


There is far more work carried on behind the scenes by traditional estate agents than most people realise. Similar to an insurance policy you don’t actually know how good they are until you need them.


Yes, some are better than others, some won’t return your calls or keep you updated and you feel like you’re doing all the work yourself. Unfortunately, that is life but that is why it is best to consider all your options and build a relationship with an agent you trust to do the best for you.






1. No strings - No tie in period just 2 weeks written notice from date of sign off of property details. If I am not doing my job I don’t deserve your business.


2. 1:1 service. I stay with you throughout the entire transaction from start to finish. One point of call.


3. I will personally value your property and conduct all viewings. I am the person who knows the reasons behind your sale and what is relevant to you. On the appraisal you will have shown me the features and benefits of your home and you can trust me to pass this on to the viewers.


4. Affordable fees and NO VAT (at this time) 


5. I will limit the amount of properties I take on for sale and rent and hold a maximum of 10 properties For Sale at any one time and 5 Fully Available for Rent. This is to ensure I am not overstretched and cannot meet my commitment to you.


6. On my initial visit to your property I will be honest about its value and provide the rationale and proof of my valuation with comparable evidence


7. I will ensure I manage the time expectations of any viewers to avoid you being placed under pressure.


8. I will not knowingly waste your time with anybody unlikely or unable to proceed within your timescale.


9. I will give you viewing feedback within (a maximum of) 24 hours. If I have been unable to contact the viewer I will let you know and keep trying to make contact with them. All viewers will receive confirmation of their appointment by email and or SMS message with a reminder we will be asking for feedback from the viewing.


10. I will adhere to the estate agents Best Practice and you will be notified of any offers received as soon as possible but always within 24hours verbally and within 48 hours in writing.


11. When an offer is received I will carry out a complete and thorough chain check with a financial ability to purchase. 


12. You will be informed of every step in a chain (if applicable) and ability to proceed before you are asked to make any decision on whether the offer is or is not acceptable.


13. From the moment a sale is tied up many sellers feel out of control and their life is on hold. It seems nobody involved understands there are real people and families involved with everyday issues like booking holiday, time off for moving or getting children into new schools. I will instruct solicitors and handle every aspect of your sale. I will monitor the sale by liaising with other agents, solicitors, financial advisers, surveyors, specialist contractors (if required) and buyers involved in the chain and keep you updated with each milestone. 

14. In addition I am able to recommend excellent and proactive local solicitors, conveyancers, mortgage and financial planning advisers, removal companies and even in house contractors (Check a Trade and DB cleared) to price any works or alterations you need completed before or after you sell your property. These are all likeminded people who are eager to progress the sale swiftly which results in less sales falling through. They are all dedicated to their role with clear and transparent costs.- all real people who will take your call!







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